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Since that time Woland have been going to the top. First members of Woland were school friends: Rinat Khassanov - guitar, Sergey Golovin - vocal, Kosta Laptev - bas, Vova Stepanov - drums. Do they were able to rock? Yes!!! But what they had at that time? Very old drum set, repaired "Ural" guitar and ranted GDR made bas. The equipment was very very bad.

First one year we just tried to learn how to play but few songs were created. Woland's first song "Sex machine" - traditional punk with 3 chords with very simple guitar and lyrics about PRETTY GIRL. May be it's still cool, we hope that we will record our early songs in acoustic variant.

In the end of 1991 guitarist and songwriter Dmitry Kireev came to Woland. He was influenced by Accept, Manowar and Scorpions. Metallica, Slayer and Black Sabbath influenced other band members, especially Rinat and Sergey. Our today's style came from this time, we shake melody of 80's heavy metal and very hard rhythms of thrash.

Vova Stepanov was a bad drummer, he can't play right and he just didn't understand what is the Rock music. So in 1992 he leave us and we begin to look for a new drummer. After 3 month of hard searching we have no results. But once two men visited our repetition and one of them told that he is a drummer and wants to be in Woland, he is still our drummer and his name - Andrey Suricoff. Our first demo "I'm dead" was recorded in 1993, we had only 20 hours of studio time but 6 songs were recorded. Our first hits were "I'm dead" and "Give me nicotine".

In the end of 1993 we made our first gig, it was a real failure. But one of the most popular siberian paper - "Young Siberian" sad that Woland is very fresh and potential band. Since that time we have been making concerts more than 50 times. In spring 1994 Kosta Laptev told that he doesn't wonna play anymore because of family problems. He is still our friend and he has a daughter and NEW wife. Since 1994Stas Liaschenko isOur bassist .

In 1994 we formed a classical Woland's line up: Rinat Khassanov - lead and rhythm guitar, Sergey Golovin - vocal, Dmitry Kireev - rhythm guitar, Stas Liaschenko - bas, Andrey Suricoff - drums.

"In the shackles of the Moon" (c) 1995 - Our first professional work. We established our own recording company to produce this album, we still sell it have some money from this album. "In the shackles of the Moon" is the first album of independent metal band in Siberia, which was sold more than 10000 copies, and have full color cover on CD and cassette. It consists of 10 hits, we unite thrash, doom, death, black etc in our uncompromise album. Songs: 1) Intro 666 2) The brute. 3) Rebellion of Hell 4) The plague. 5) Apparent dead 6) Warlock 7)Line to the death 8) World - go on your knees 9) Last feast 10) The birth of the Evil. Unfortunately this album available only in Russian

Success of 1995 album allows us to visit a biggest Russian Rock festival "Rock Line - 96" we were chosen from more than 150 bands all around Russia. We are on the compilation CD from this festival.

Between 1996-1998 we made many gigs in different russian cities.

Woland won following awards: Region of Siberia in 1998: best rock band, best vocal, best guitar, best hit and video clip.

In march 1998 we begin to record our last album - "Other World" it was a very hard work. We used all modern equipment, studio was rather good, we had unlimited studio time. "Other World" was finished only in January 1999. Album includes 14 songs: 1) Dracula 2) Old trot, Rest In Peace 3) Other world 4) The sermon 5) You're just taken my life 6) T - 72 (Russian tank) 7) Seven 8) Lonely snow 9) Remember 10) Underground Children 11) Love 12) You have bury me my dear 13) The Maple with fallen leaves (Russian traditional song) 14) Prelude E minor. This album is available with Russian and English lyric.

In march 1999 Dmitry Kireev leave the band he don't want to be musician he is a doctor. Woland's new guitarist - Vladimir Petrov. He came with new sounds, new ideas and songs for the band total aggressive style.

That's all story now.

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